The Inflatable Event Company can provide an exciting, effective solution for your next Parade. Christmas Parades, Easter Parades, St Patrick's Day's Parades, Community Parades, Australia Day Parades are all opportunities to use our inflatables. We have a range of standard hire units including Easter Bunny, Santa and Leprachaun. But we can customise and manufacture an parade inflatable to suit your requirements.

Our Parade Inflatable's are cold air filled with in built fans. They can be operated with an efficient 300 watt fan and camper generator or alternatively we can use a vehicles 12 volt system.

Our inflatables can be mounted on a trolley, utility, flatbed truck, barge or other means of transport. Consideration should be given to height clearances on the parade route.

Let us help dress your next Parade Float with an eyecatching inflatable. We are able to custom design Parade Inflatables to suit your requirements. We can also assist with installation or training as required. Our Parade Inflatables are lightweight and pack down into an easily transportable bag and easily stored for many future parade events beyond their initial debut.


The Inflatable Event Company services the area of Ashburton and is able to fulfil most requirements.